name E-cigarette and Vaping Attributed Lung Injuries
class misnomer
category false attribution, definitional retreat
motivation FUD
used-by CDC, TI/CTFK/PAVe, WHO, CNN, Krishni
science aversion 🟥🟥🟥🟧

EVALI was a 2019 case cluster of acute lung injuries, largely confined to the US. It was (reluctantly and belatedly) verified to be caused by contraband THC vaporizer cartridges, cut with tocopheryl acetate (vitamine E oil). The CDCs opportunistic misattribution to nicotine e-cigarettes started the anti-vaping hysteria. But necessitated auxiliary lies for early e-cigarette bans in the US.

Notably the origin cause was long documented by independent journalists, researchers, the FDA, vape and THC industry, and non-corporate media. But the CDC purposefully rescoped the acronym, misdirected investigations, while guising themselves as being "data-driven". The intentional smear campaign required leaving THC users in the dark, thus raising the death toll to 68. Until a real pandemic forced the CDC to resume public health activities.

Misnomer king

The redeclaration from "VAPI" to "EVALI" was largely driven/promulgated by Dr. Brian A. King of the CDC OSH. (He also misconstrued summary reports to validate the flavour-fallacy). Notably his job would normally entail making scientific details more understandable to the general public.

Looks like he took [ergo-harmful] to a whole new level.

"Data-driven" and "not ruling out anything"

  • delayed guidelines for testing on THC
  • user-reports
  • Schuchats` vague allusions?

Confounding "vaping"

  • "Vaping-associated" is a weasel phrase to confound e-cigarettes (commonly called "vaping") with THC vaporizers (commonly referred to as "dubbing").
  • It's clearly a false equivocation right built into the rescoped acronym.

more recent talking point: "mixing"

  • Seen in [SPD]: assumption that vit E oil could be "mixed" by e-cig users into water-solluable pg/vg. (Kitchen expertise: nil-pwa)
  • origin unclear (prolly TI/WHO)

Reckless media reporting (CNN et al.)

  • CuomoZone and Dr. Sanjay...
  • infamous shouting match...
  • > Whole presentation was semantically like „XY causes autism“. Now feigning > confusion on where the anti-vaxxers might have drawn their legitimization from.

Utilized as core rationale for anti-vaping legislation

  • e.g. MA (flavour bans, possibly even raised use of contaminated THC vapes?)
  • Also: India (and the WHO almost gleeful on inactivity on tobacco/smoking prevalence)

Wikipedia kept it alive

This is fairly interesting, from a technical standpoint. There seem to be some WHO afficionados brigading WP articles that confound e-cigs and THC vaping, and of course EVALI. Under the typical guises of "vandalism" and "own research". (Despite you know, ample existing research.)
See /doc/trunk/analysis/


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