name World Health Organization
class IGO
category public health / communication
funding governments, private
association FCTC, UN
bloomberg ties only explanation
motivation funding
science aversion 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟧

The WHO is a prime example of organizational decay. Tasked with an impossible agenda and scope creep, lackluster government funding and WHA oversight; it turned to private donors. Pharmaceutical companies naturally play a role in research and advise (constrained). But the majority of private funding comes from "philanthropists". One of whom, whilst also funding lots of useful initiatives, exerts undue influence on policy making.

Btw, the WHO is not one big entity. The WHO campus is a compound of multiple departments/organizations. One of which, the FCTC, has been stacked by B.

Argument patterns

  • ...

Media campaigns

  • e.g. #TobaccoExposed and Bloombergs hyperbolic toddler vape ads

Public discourse

  • never answered open letters
  • fctc throws out interpol
  • limited public disclosure on how reports are conducted

Nevermind the vaping stuff?

One could easily ignore a little bit of poor advise. If it wasn't for the other thing going on right now. But the vaping disinformation is so egregious and blatant, that you can't ignore how it influences public perception. In particular with the anti-vax BS - also born out of the US. (And you know, striking simalarities in argumentatiton patterns.)

I'm pretty sure this one only affects our vaper bubble. It's not likely it creeps out into the wider population. But it certainly can't benefit trust in health orgs overall.


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