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claim "Vaping could raise risk of high blood sugar"
author DailyMail / Xantha Leatham
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While this was one of the first articles mirroring a PR/junk study, it's actually one of the less objectionable ones. Unfortunately was also spooled through various RSS feeds, news duplicators, and parking sites. It seems the audience is also somewhat fed up (Oh please.) with the worn out harm exaggerations.

PR study attributes prediabetes to e-cig usage

style check

could raise risk 🟧 whilst weasel lingo, it does not pass the PR trick onto readers.
…, scientists warn 🟨 further distancing.
This is known as prediabetes 🟩 putting the term into perspective, ok.
Traditional cigarettes make smokers 40% more likely 🟧 comparison in the teaser.
on the brink of diabetes 🟥 nah, mate. (Though again, it's a more of a pharma marketing term.)
But it seems e-cigarettes might have an effect on blood sugar levels, too. 🟩 quite reasonable phrasing in context.
… touted as a safer alternative, which is not the case. 🟨 Author rightly puts that lie into context later.
but nicotine which … – is known to raise blood sugar. 🟩 more reasonable assessment.


Still reports on a misleading study, but makes some attempts at dialing it back a notch. And that's unfortunately the current bar on vaping news.

Not sure if "Half-Truth" is perhaps even too harsh, just because it reports a BSoPH junk study. (Then again, wide dissemination and possibly deterring cessation attempts.)

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