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claim "95% of zero popcorn lung cases from vaping being deadly"
author DailyMail / Mansur Shaheen
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DailyMail still being the epicenter of popcorn news

Article claims that vaping would cause popcorn lung, despite diacetyl being banned in the UK/EU. Rationale for still peddling this FUD was some unvalidated estimate from the Johns Hopkins phrasing bank.
And you know, at some point you have to recognize that a hypothetical worry becomes a fictional one. After zero cases over 15 years, for instance.

What's interesting is the "95%" deadliness after 5 years claim from pulmonologist Dr Panagis Galiatsatos. It's not clear where this came from, raised my suspiscion about being an ALA spokesperson. Edit: Later clarified that he was certainly quoted out of context, and neither pleased about it: And in a more detailed discussion on LBC clarified that while there's a chemical feasibility, the likelihood and case numbers aren't there. (Good points on recognizing branding and marketing as main concerns to avert non-smoker uptake. The very thing CTFK only uses for lobbying, but doesn't want addressed.)

Still leaves the question if the article tries to piggyback or linguistically undermine a more established 95% estimate. The "safer" spin (rather than "less harmful than continued smoking") is a common indicator for disinfo sourcing.


phrase check

E-cigarette and vape manufacturers have often marketed their products as safer alternatives 🟧 Actually from PHE. Vendors aren't usually allowed to make such claims.
e-cigarette devices are more dangerous 🟧 Author himself suffers from perception woes
Many users will eventually develop 'popcorn lung' πŸŸ₯ Article premise is bunk.
under scrutiny from regulators in recent years as part of a larger effort to curb teen smoking πŸŸͺ Observably more to reverse the decline in teen smoking.
experts warn that users can develop the devastating condition 'popcorn lung' πŸŸ₯ Popcorn lung people aren't widely considered experts.
tells 🟨 Hadn't actually told this.
Juul products from shelves, before allowing the company temporary reprieve 🟧 Forced by courts, not by courtesy.
Diacetyl is also used as a flavoring agent in many electronic nicotine products. πŸŸ₯ Not in the UK.


Normally wouldn't spend time on this. But this appears to be tagged as "@type":"NewsArticle" no less. Lots of topical conflation, and quite aligned with prevalent propaganda, or sports-style reporting the author is more accustomed to.

It now spread to LADbible. (Bit of a joke or tittytainment news site, and their credence/reach has likely peaked.)