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claim "No health benefits when quitting smoking"
author WINK News / Amy Oshier
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No health benefit when citing American Heart Association

A misleading report by AHA gets reinterpreted to scare smokers from a practical quitting path. Instead of repeating the half-truth, this article however asks a clueless doctor to embellish the scare.

The referenced paper did find significant health advantages when fully substituting smoking for vaping. It's the parallel usage which yields limited or no advantages when it comes to cardiovascular conditions. Amy seemingly just skimmed the AHA press release, and leaves readers with a crisp "combined usage didn’t have a health benefit."

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There's a bit of fanfiction here:

  • heats up the filament
  • They’re not generally safer.
  • They face equal risk of heart attack or stroke than if they lit up exclusively.
  • some used e-cigarettes because they thought it wasn’t as bad as cigarettes
  • The takeaway is that there is no ‘best’ method of inhaling nicotine.

And that's pretty much the article.


See misdirection on risk reduction on the AHA press release, and how it induced such reporting.


So this newsy outlet dumbed down the AHA report to the max. I'd put the intent to mislead elsewhere, but it's a "Mostly False" anyway.