This survey is meant for current "tobacco"-flavoured e-cig users, or if you have good recollection of previous attempts. Just a rough survey, unsuitable for studies; only to get some perceptive estimate on how well these artificial flavours resemble cigarettes/tobacco (if at all).


Emulation of real cigarettes

Undertones (not defining/intentional aroma slants)

  • Entirely anonymous (only IPs/timestamp recorded to weed out duplicates), data storage: EU.
  • Not to be used as report, only for some representative graphs:
    sample graph
  • Data might however be useful to devise a proper survey later on.
  • List of undertones is just based on user reports and some vendor descriptions for now.
  • Intentionally not doing much to discern different products, because this isn't meant to enable the flavour prohibitionists too much.