name Michael Bloomberg /
Bloomberg Philanthropies
state pre-struct/alpha
class billionaire
category Wayne Wheeler
funding near impossible to summarize
association WHO/TFI, FCTC, CtFK
bloomberg ties ehm
motivation sunken cost fallacy
science aversion 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟧

Mike is the primary funder of US and international anti-harm-reduction FUD. He radicalized from tobacco prevention to nicotine puritanism after his tenure as NY mayor, where he originally pioneered nonsmokers protection. He became easy pray for CTFK, after waning consequence recognition.

The emphasis is on PR campaigns, and slanted study grants (BSoPH, Bath). Albeit GRO interference (Philippines) should not be discounted. His subversion of WHO policies is on an entirely different level however.

bloomberg thanos WHO lobbying stone - to eradicate half of all smokers

Best summary of his activities is probably:

Quick recap

  • In/outdoor nonsmokers protection, NY lead the way to adoption throughout the world. Measurabily reducing prevalence and deaths.
  • But also caused the worlds largest black market. (Half of NY smokers now outta reach for PH interventions.)
  • With his racist and ideological policies, Bloomberg got Eric Garner killed. (→possible rubicon)
  • Origin involvement with CTFK...??? (I'd guess ~2013)
  • Overtake of WHO/TFI and FCTC secretary, abdicating scientific discourse and honesty...

160M anti-vaping grants / public rationale, usage


Better let them die, whilst our insatiable research thirst is unsatisfied:

"Wait until you do the research. If it's no problem, no harm, no foul."

Kin liability:

Protect Kids: Fight Flavored E-Cigarettes,” include banning all flavored e-cigarettes—and stopping Juul

Shadowy funding network

It stands to reason that not even Mike himself fully understands all the backchannels necessary for "influencing" around the world. Just the eagle view here:

Global state of THR 2020: chapter 5

Seemingly the network is sometimes utilized even for media reporting outside of Bloomberg Media’s reach, with obfuscatory clauses like:

The Contractor shall not make any statement or otherwise imply to donors, investors, media or the general public that the Foundation directly funds its activities.

Conspiracy theories

For lack of an understandable rationale, there's always farfetched musings on what is actually moving Bloomberg.

Motivation assessment

⚠ entirely observational (public discourse disdain)

  • It's absurd to assume he'd waste a billion dollars without prior assessment of the likely outcomes. Emotional rationalizations can't be discounted though.
  • Originally clearly health-oriented, gradual radicalization most likely (excessive BigT interference, general smokers resistance, 90s science ineptitude)
  • Primarily sunken cost fallacy (MPOWER: millions on diminishing returns now, ignorant LMICs not recognizing messiah, effort legacy threat from NIH solution)
  • quick-fix oriented (just simplistic reasoning?), or really progress prolongment (=philantropy glamour)??
  • background lobbyism (billionaires perogative → personal consequence abolition)
  • IGO tampering (→ political decay? = void opportunism / dpd???)

This may require heaps more googling. But only needs partial impetus here.


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