name Electronic Nicotine Delivery System
class terminology
category acronym
motivation observational / technical classifier
usage derogatory
science aversion 🟧
alternative TASTE, NVP

"ENDS" was coined as observational classifier to describe e-cigarettes. It certainly originated in academic circles, but has since been adopted by anti-THR groups as belittlement/equivocation to NRTs.


It seems the acronym ensued as natural progression from ("Nicotine delivery systems", 2005, Shiffman Fant Buchhalter Gitchell Henningfield. One of the earlier mentions was Electronic nicotine delivery devices: ineffective nicotine delivery and craving suppression after acute administration, 2009, Eissenberg. And was mirrored by the WHO at that time. (Interestingly centered on 1st/2nd gen e-cigs not providing sufficient substitution, whereas NRTs with linear pre-dosage was seen as more plausible quitting aid.)


Whereas now "ENDS" is often used by lobby groups to proclaim the usage of e-cigarettes limited to nicotine supplication method (like NRTs). Where the intent seems on mimimizing audio-visual, olfactory, haptics and self-regulating use aspects as quitting aid.

terminology broadening

"ENNDS" seems another observational variation on the acronym. Though it's ambiguously used for nicotine-free and non-nicotine substance (thc/oil-based or even semi-/dry-herb) vaporizers.