name Fourth-hand vaping syndrome
class phrase
category persiflage
motivation mockery
science aversion 🟥🟧🟪

"Fourth-hand vaping syndrome" is a persiflage on "third-hand smoke" (from a study exaggarated beyond any effects of secondary smoke inhalation).

Gonna use that phrase when referring to second-hand knowledge of observational misdiagnoses from anti-vaping propaganda. In particular if it's too obvious that the origin was sensationalist media reporting.

Clear cases of FHVS would be:
  • Referring to EVALI deaths as e-cigarette-related.
  • ergo-harmful arguments insinuating mass casualties.
  • overtly absurd conflations, such as "over 15000 flavours were 'invented' by the tobacco-industry".
Explaining the joke (trust me, it's a German thing)
  • Syndrome is a fairly strong insult.
  • But the origin of some of the misconceptions is a clear case of mass hysteria.
  • And the assertion behind "vaping" in "FHVS" is that the long-term / by-stander / after-effects of vaping in the US media might be brain-damage.
  • Full-circley insult. Much proud. Also, because it's a bit bleak.
anti vaping media hysteria Fourth-hand vaping syndrome brain damage induces vaping causes           multiplies
        arrow "anti" "vaping"
MH:     box "media" "hysteria" at (2.2cm, -0.1cm)
FHVS:   oval "Fourth-hand"   "vaping syndrome" at MH + (+2.55cm, +1.55cm)
BD:     box "brain" "damage" at FHVS + (1cm, -2.5cm)
        arrow "induces" aligned above -> from north of MH to west of FHVS
        arrow "vaping" aligned above "causes" aligned below -> dashed color red right down from south of FHVS
        arrow "          multiplies" aligned below <- from south of MH to west of BD
Meta joke
  • Vaping causes FHVS.