class averted bribes
category regulator (FDA)
funding The Union, $150.000
motivation outsourcing ("job order employees")
bloomberg ties The Union (Bloomberg Initiative)
science aversion 🟧🟩🟩

Filipino health organizations originally considered a complete vaping ban in 2019. It since emerged that the FDA’s stance on full or partial bans was swayed by Bloomberg Initiative grants. After disclosure and clarifications from local advocacy groups (Vapers PH, and CAPHRA), the Philippines’ senate now passed risk-proportionate regulations for e-cigarettes and HTPs (tobacco toasters).

It should be noted that the FP-FDA sought out the policy-inducing grants (which officials later admitted) itself. But Bloombergs interference can be assumed the modus operandi in LMICs and the APAC region at large. It's testament to the American superiority complex and the lackluster scientific foundation of their anti-vaping stance (wouldn't require bribery if it had legs).

Although it seems, BI now tries to utilize astrotruf campaigns to badmouth less risky alternatives with american TOTC messaging:

Backslash to blatant disinformation

Ranti Fayokun from the WHO TFI bureau triggered the scandal, due to using overtly blatant disinformation in a presentation before the PH senate:

faux vape ads

It's almost like the WHO didn't consider the Philippines worthy of believable FUD.

talking points for original restrictions


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