name Tobacco Addiction Self-Treatment Electronics
class terminology
category backronym
usage proposed
motivation more purpose-focused
science aversion 🟧
alternative ENDS

"TASTE" might be a more descriptive alternative to the acronym "ENDS". It's less technobabbly/observational, and conveys the intended usage - instead of just the pharmacological aspect.


  • It would really upset anti-THR groups/science denialists if it catched on.
  • Bloomberg gonna be real mad if it resets the focus on tobacco addiction, rather than the astroturfed "nicotine addiction" trivializatiton.
  • It's a blatant backronym (albeit the "TA" initials were the starting point).
  • But highlights an obvious cessation advantage over NRTs. In that concrete flavours seemingly provide a real substitute for the subconscious perfumation in industrial cigarettes.
  • (Or perhaps even the antidepressants in tobacco. Too many studies concentrate just on the palatability or user reports, btw.)
  • OTHO artificial terminology is fairly unscientific, and too blatantly implied (inherent) efficacy perhaps.


Might even make sense to describe e-cigarette types according to usage patterns:

acronym type usage
ENDS gen 4 / pod devices Higher nic concentration, less vapor. Often more apt for former light/infrequent smokers. Where the "ENDS" focus on nicotine delivery makes sense.
TASTE gen 3 / box mods Low nic, but big clouds. Anecdotally preferred after heavier smoking addiction. And presumably the haptic/visuals/flavours contribute more to possible abstinency results.

Downside: semantic duplication when referring to "ENDS/TASTE" recurringly.