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motivation scratchpad, motivation analysis
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association Ex-Smokers
commercial ties none
main author Mario Salzer, DE/EU
science aversion 🟧🟧

So, this is basically just a private website, as I'm trying to collect some notes on how the ANTZ framing came to be.

  • This project started as naming joke on the Truth Initiative (low-hanging fruit for satire).
  • Non-commercial, very partisan pro-THR.
  • Albeit of course trying to acknowledge legitimate rationales, when detectable.
  • Little research ambition, also not a psychologist (it's all really just rationale guessing/classification).
  • Trying to mix a bit of references and decorations here.
  • There's also a resource section for memes/satire, because it's abundantly clear that this is missing from getting any discourse breakthrough.
  • Not sure if it'll progress beyond the wiki section and some minor tools otherwise.
  • (Conveniently using this to build some fossil-scm plugins.)
  • Fixing the proliferation of junk-science in medical journals is too late and way outta scope.

Also obviously this is foremost a pro-vaping/harm reduction assessment. No financial ties to e-cig, tobacco, pharma or tax preservation efforts. Publicity is the enemy of background lobbying.