This wiki is based on fossil-scm, a programming tool (version control / code archiving). Registration is open. No email address required (also undesired / privacy / no automated account resets anyway, write down your password).

  • The /login link is usually hidden in the popup menu bottom left.
  • The default editor can use old Wiki markup, or the more contemporary Markdown.
    • Links must be written as [title](wiki/PageName) or […](http://url)
  • Minor edits are welcome. (Don't obfuscate incremental refinement. This isn't Wikipedia.)
  • And unlike for astroturf groups, secretive/PR ghostwriting isn't desirable.
  • Bug: Editing is currently broken over Cloudflare, use

To upload files, you will need the CLI tool. And obviously request account elevation beforehand. (mario@…)

Content-License: CC-BY-SA-4.0

CreativeCommons-ShareAlike-Attribution allows to reuse any content. No emphasis on attribution however. Implied agreement is assumed for all contributions.

Page names

Roughly speaking there's three types of pages:

No strict rule though. And page names are case-insensitive anyway.

Link shortcuts

There's a few shortcuts for links:

  • [link title](/t: will redirect the URL to Google Translate.
    • Same as (/translate:https//...).
    • Both are a bit of a workaround (.htaccess RewriteRule), since InterWiki shortcuts don't work for MD markup.
    • Which is why there's a / prefix for the faux protocol t: prefix.
  • Planned: /doi: link shortcuts, which ought to bring up a hover box for scientific references.
    • Unfortunately there's no shared database yet.
    • Backend might use XML lookup from
    • The goal is add some tags (🐁, 🔥, 🏥, 🏟,, 🚬) to document study classes (rodent, smolder studies, funding sources).


  • See /technoteedit for creating a timeline entry (effectively to be used as blog posts.)
  • Run ext/ fx_meta afterwards for creating twitter tags for embedded images.


Format and scope of this wiki lends itself to discussion. If you want to add additional and contradictory view points, please do so.

For short articles, perhaps start a ### discussion section, and structure thoughts into paragraphs suffixed with -- Name. Origin: see c2:GoodStyle. That's more natural than hiding discourse in a separate wiki.