mice studies

class laboratory research
category cell analysis
motivation pre-hypothesis investigation
scienceyness 🟩🟩🟩🟨🟥

Nothing wrong with rodent studies per se. They're quite useful for initial analysis. In particular when it would be unethical to experiment on humans. However, not all results can be interpolated across mammals (from mice to humans).

  • Mice are naturally more susceptible to spontaneous cancer.
  • Rat brains don't simulate human brains, like, really.

So, it's incumbent upon researchers, scientific reports and media publications🟨 to point out the applicability limits. Something that's carefully avoided with the brain damage🟥 scaremongering by Anti-THR groups.

Quick recap: adolescent rats shouldn't smoke or vape either. CL

Study conditions

See Horrific vaping experiments performed on pregnant mice on where such studies draw most side-effects on heart rates, pulmonary states and physical impacts from:


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