state pre-dev
class lingo
category diversion
motivation framing
science aversion 🟫🟪🟪

Abstinence-only TC seems to have coaxed around a few common deflections in their argument patterns.

phrase meaning / motivation
evidence-based Dismissal of unwelcome scientific findings. It's an euphemisim for evidence selectionism. Sometimes employed just as regulatory retreat.
nicotine addiction Trivialization of tobacco addiction. Origin is both the 1980s scientific understanding of dependence, and the tobacco industry. (Originally used as extenuation by BigT, only later more widely adopted (~2015??) by AO-TC.)
tobacco products Scope affirmation, and tobacco-industry conflation.
tobacco tactic Often valid suspicions, but suspicions nonetheless. More frequently used as deflectoid for discourse aversion though.
alternative tobacco industry Denounciation/rationalization, t-i conflation.
industry involvement Originated as legimitimate shielding against policy undermining. Now devolved into groupthink protection, by disavowing any public discourse.
child-friendly Child-friendly framing for flavour-fallacy.
ENDS Abstracted classfier and applicability limit implicator. Commonly used as derogatory term.
associated with see EVALI; often used as causation insinuator
dual use Transitional use is substitutive, not additive. Usually temporary, based on wrong setups (devices or ATFs) more than inherent functional defect, more probable prolonged by harm exaggerations.