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claim "E-cigarettes cause EVALI"
author / Hamish Spence
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Sports reporter dishes out pediatricians lies about e-cigarettes

Article still claims that e-cigarettes cause EVALI. Which it vaguely attributes to "toxic substances" in e-liquids. (No effort was made to disambiguate illicit THC vapes from the article topic).

For emoting tabloid interest, claims that these products were targetted and highly prevalent with school children. (TOTC pretext to rationalize bans.)

The cited pediatracian rightly remarks about branding/designs. Which unfortunately is a little late now, since the Australian government decided the black market would self-regulate those concerns.


Additionally links to NSW Health`s asinine anti-vaping campaign (the Brad Hazzard and anti-freeze skit), which is poised to stoke more teen curiosity. It's unclear if that's the main objective here, or if death claims were just vehicle to prevent smokers accidentally getting diverted to less deadly alternatives or cessation options. ("These stories are not written without consequences to health.")


This would have been trivial to google. And article wasn't tagged as OpinionNews, but clearly intent on framing and hyperbole. Hence "False".

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