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lead emissions, yo

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E-cigarettes are financially harmful to pharmaceutical companies. Hencewhy lopsided studies often receive funding to uncover the weirdest contaminants in e-cigarette vapor. And this is usually accomplished through running devices or atomizers outside any practical parameters, sometimes to the point of ignition. Which is where the term "smolder studies" comes from.

  • Usually based on dated hardware (2nd generation pen/eGo-style devices)
  • Often run without temperature control, on a smoke machine without liquid fillstate checking.
  • Excessive heating phases (e.g. 260°C for 10min) with non-ecig devices.
  • Or even on absurd voltage draws (5-6V rather than the usual 3-4.2V per cell)
  • And possibly even running devices without any e-liquid whatsoever.
  • No user would ever be able to inhale the burning cotton, btw. (Dry hits are largely a once-and-only-once usage error.)

Even then, it's sometimes unexplained where e.g. lead is measured from (not part of the devices really, nor typical heating coil alloys).

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