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claim "E-cigarettes cause lung injuries"
author Oncology Nursing News / Lindsay Fischer
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Nurses spreading false claims on e-cigarettes would be helpful

This article still claims EVALI was caused by e-cigarettes. Some other allusions are hard to decipher, but don't exempt it from a review.

It mostly confuses NVPs for THC vaporizers or dry-herb heaters. It's difficult to tell, but easily explained by the reference to interaction with the CDC. Tiffany Klein doesn't seem to have a profile at CTCA, so this review is attributed to the publisher instead.

phrase check

  • increased occurrence of lung damage associated with these items. - 🟥 EVALI cases might still be going on, given the widespread misattribution and thus lack of awareness. Unfortunately, this article does little to alleviate it. And the "increased occurence" remains unsubstantiated.
  • Especially [with] inhaled carcinogens. - 🟥 trace levels.
  • coming from China with substances that we don't know about - 🟧 Better regulation might be more helpful then.
  • a disease we call lipoid pneumonia. - 🟧 Would require oil-based THC vapes, not "e-cigarettes" which the article claims to be about.
  • not really getting even any THC in the oils […]; they're actually inhaling butane, - 🟥 This is where it gets confusing. As that would now be referring to analog/gas-powered dry-herb vaporizers. Those exist, of course. But have even less relation to NVPs nor THC-VALI cases.
  • In reality, they are just in a toxic state for a little while. - 🟪 Might be good drug use advise.
  • Referring to patient rampup in the ICO w/ such cases. Can't review that.
  • [regarding] the oils, 70% of our THC market is untested. - 🟩 Some actual advise there.
  • Study on marijuana use doubling... seems to indicate that was supposed to be the actual topic, despite article being interspersed with electronic smoking references.
  • need to change our marketing strategies […] the commercials that these kids are seeing on TV - 🟪 Maybe the lack of regulation is not the only issue.
  • as the “safe alternative to smoking cigarettes.” - 🟥 Back to disputing the consensus on NVPs.
  • we need stricter regulations on what's allowed to be in these oils, - 🟥 And swiftly back to assuming e-cigs contain oils.
  • increase marketing to the general population […] the risk associated, instead of promoting it as a “safe alternative.” - 🟥 The lack of harm exaggarations is not imminently apparent in the US.
  • I think we need to get out in the schools; have presentations, education sessions, - 🟫 Perhaps should be left to someone who doesn't achieve the opposite by spreading translucent hyperbole.
  • child picking up nicotine […] effects it has on their brain - 🟥 Mice brain logic, of course.
  • Some reference to abstinence around operations. 🟩 Perfectly reasonable.


It's not clear what author and the "interviewed" nurse were trying to achieve here. But the result looks highly confused and likely informed by CDC equivocations. "Half-Truth", albeit it probably isn't.

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